With a bright and refreshing citrus scent, Lime essential oil smells just like freshly sliced limes. Like all citrus essential oils, the peels of limes are cold pressed to release an invigorating scent that can uplift any environment. Lime is great for those seeking positivity and inspiration. This uplifting aroma can spark creativity and mental clarity while boosting your mood!

Because Lime is a citrus oil, it may cause photosensitivity, so be sure to avoid applying it to exposed skin before spending time in the sun.

Pure Lime
A Few Tips For Using Lime Essential Oil

Even if you are a total beginner to essential oils, these Lime oil uses are easy to follow and will show you the ropes for this tart oil.

Make your skin glow!
Enhance radiant looking skin by adding a couple of drops of Lime to your moisturizer.

Add 2 drops of Lime essential oil to a moist cotton pad or ball.
Apply to the face as part of nighttime skin routine.
Note: this oil is photosensitive, so don’t apply before going into the sun and harmful UV rays!

Lime Body Scrub

100ml (less than ½ cup) Himalayan Salt
8 drops of Lime essential oil
½ teaspoon (5ml) coconut oil

To use: take a little and apply in circular motions on skin.
Leave on skin a few minutes before rinsing

Beat the heat with a cool compress!
Summer days are the best, but sometimes they can be a bit much! Balance things out with some refreshing Lime.

Wet and wring out a towel.
Add 2 drops of Lime and 1 drop of Lavender essential oil.
Roll up the towel and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.
Apply to forehead and neck to cool down.

Treat your scalp to some rejuvenation!
We’re looking for beach days, not bad hair days! Get your scalp feeling clean and fresh with this recipe.

In a small bowl, mix:

A small amount of coconut oil
2 drops of Lime
2 drops of Cedarwood
Massage into the scalp for 3-5 minutes.

Wash your hair as normal.

Revitalize the fridge
Open your refrigerator door and experience a cool lime breeze!

Add a few drops of Lime to a fresh box of baking soda.
Store in the fridge to absorb odors.
Scrub away your troubles
Sometimes the most relaxing thing of all is seeing your house absolutely sparkle.

In a bucket or spray bottle for cleaning:

Add 10 drops of Lime
Add 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar.
Use as an all-purpose cleaner.

For an extra boost of citrus throughout the house, add a few drops of Lime to your Thieves Household cleaner.

Lime Scented Bath Salts

3 parts Epsom Salt
2 parts Baking Soda
1 part Sea Salt
Mix together and add:
Lime Essential Oil as desired (Approx. 10 drops per 1 cup of Epsom Salt)

Make your bath a tropical getaway! Simply add lime and coconut oil to your Epsom salts and enjoy your personal oasis.

Add Lime Vitality Essential Oil To a glass of cold water or NingXia Red

Enjoy staying hydrated and add variety by infusing your water with a drop or two of Lime Vitality
Add 2 drops of Lime Vitality
Throw in a handful of fresh or frozen raspberries

Tropical Scented Spray
In a spray bottle, mix the following:

3 drops of Lime
5 drops of Citronella
3 drops of Lemongrass
1 drop of Peppermint
8 ounces of water
Spritz to your heart’s content!

Lime Essential Oil In Your Diffuser
Because Lime Essential Oil blends well with so many other oils, the sky is the limit! Try our tangy blend of Lime, Orange, Tangerine, and Lemon when you want to bring the outdoors in, or get creative and make your own diffuser blend!

Combine Lime, Geranium, Northern Lights Blue Spruce, Grapefruit, and Lemon Myrtle for an amazing Blue Volcano diffuser blend!

Pure Lime Vitality Essential OilLime vitality essential oil

Lime Vitality and other Young Living Vitality oils can be used in a wide range of dishes.

Enhance the flavor of meat and veggies by adding Lime Vitality to your favorite marinade recipe.

Include a drop to your stir fry to bring dimension and add a great depth of flavor.

Add some zing to your favorite guacamole recipe by adding 1-2 drops of Lime Vitality.

Add a little Lime Vitality oil to berry dishes to complement their natural sweetness

Lime Infused Guacamole Recipe
2 avocados
2 drops Citrus Fresh™ Vitality
1 drop Lime Vitality
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons chopped red onion
1–2 Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
Pinch salt
Pinch black pepper
1. Remove the pit from the avocados and scoop the flesh into a bowl, mashing roughly with a fork.
2. Add all other ingredients and stir until mixed.
3. Garnish with cilantro.
4. Enjoy with tortilla chips or with your favorite Mexican-inspired dishes!

Add 1 drop of Lime Vitality to a vegetarian gel capsule and take daily or as needed as a dietary supplement.