One thing that has changed my life for the BETTER is using genuine, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Do your research.

Many companies market their essential oils as therapeutic-grade, but the reality is they do not know what quality their oils are or the conditions the plant material was grown in and distilled under. It is rare occasion when representatives of an oil company actually travel to where the oil is actually being distilled.

When Young Living purchases essential oils from outside sources, they make sure the plants were grown in optimal conditions, distilled to Young Living’s high standards, and then held in quarantine until it is thoroughly tested to ensure its therapeutic quality.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, coined the term therapeutic-grade over 20 years ago. Since then, many essential oil companies have started to use the term to describe their essential oils, attempting to put their oils in the same class as Young Living’s.

welcomewithkitsFrom Seed to Seal, Young Living is directly involved with the whole process of creating essential oils. From choosing healthy seedlings and using organic growing practices, to harvesting at just the right time and distilling at the optimum temperatures, Young Living knows what they are doing when it comes to producing truly therapeutic quality essential oils.

Do you have a desire to stay healthy and limit your exposure to toxic chemicals and over the counter medicines.  Medicinal grade essential oils may be just what you need to improve the health of you and your family.

Throughout history essential oils have been used for their health-promoting properties.  You owe it to yourself to explore the health and emotion supporting benefits of essential oils.

Our oils are steam distilled using low pressure and low heat to preserve the therapeutic value of the plants being distilled.  Every batch is then tested to ensure the therapeutic compounds remain intact.  If for some reason they don’t meet the Young Living standard, the batch is rejected.  Young Living remembers that essential oils are the “life blood” of the plants and take great care in every step of the process, from seed to seal.

Young Living’s essential oils can be used for aromatherapy, massage, and most taken internally as dietary supplements.

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